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  • Beard Grooming Kit for managing frizzy beard

    Beard Grooming Kit for managing frizzy beard

    • Nourish, clean, and style your beard.
    • Specially formulated with the finest ingredients to keep your facial hair looking, feeling, and smelling fantastic.
    • Added benefits for skin and hair with the power of essential oils.
    • Perfect for gifting.
    • Includes – Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Wood-Scented) (100 ml), Beard Oil (Cedarwood) (30 ml), Moustache wax (Wood-Scented) (50 gms) & U-Shaped Beard Comb.
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  • Beardinator Beard Growth Kit

    Beardinator – 4 Step Beard Growth Kit

    • Get beard growth stimulating products for healthy strong beards.
    • Specially formulated with the finest ingredients to start proper beard growth.
    • Added benefits for skin and hair with the power of essential oils.
    • Perfect for gifting.
    • Includes – Beard Growth Oil (Onion- 30 ml)(Color of the bottle might vary), Beard Activator, Charcoal Face Wash (100 gms), Beardvana Playlist, Beard Growth Tracker.
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  • Beardo De-Tan Face Spa Kit For Men

    Beardo De-Tan Face Spa Kit For Men

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  • Beardo Dirty Charcoal Combo

    Beardo Dirty Charcoal Combo for men’s

    • Includes : Scrub, Facewash, Bodywash & Peel Off Mask
    • Makes you feel Fresh & Energised.
    • Deep Cleanser. Eliminates dirt, oil & toxin.
    • Deep cleanses skin.
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  • Bombay Shaving Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bath Soap

    Bombay Shaving Activated Charcoal Bath Soap

    • Handmade Deep Cleansing Bath Soap Now Bigger & Gentler
    • Absorbs dirt, pollution, and excess oil to leave skin soft and smooth
    • Infused with Activated Charcoal, Glycerine, and Cocoa Butter
    • Signature blend of fragrances for long-lasting odor protection
    • Suitable for all skin types, both male and female, SLS & Paraben Free
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  • Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Facial

    Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Facial Starter Kit

    • CHARCOAL FACIAL KIT: Enriched with deep cleansing Activated Bamboo Charcoal for a complete skin detox.
    • 4-STEP SKIN CARE ROUTINE: Get clean, fresh, occasion-ready skin in just 4 easy steps – Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract & Restore.
    • 5X DETOXIFYING POWER: Deep cleanses, unclogs pores, de-tans, removes blackheads and controls excess oil.
    • VISIBLE RESULTS: Get clean, blemish-free skin with regular use.
    • Suitable for all skin types – normal, dry, oily and acne-prone skin.
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  • Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Starter Kit

    Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Starter Kit

    • The grooming combo kit – the finest care for your skin and also all your shaving needs, included – exfoliating scrub (45g) shaving cream (45g) post-shave balm (45 g) premium face towel.
    • Suitable for all skin types – a formulation that doesn’t affect the skin, can be used on regular and sensitive skin types.
    • Smooth shaves – the perfect grooming kit for smooth, comfortable, and gliding shaves.
    • Great mornings – each product comes together in a perfect blend to give you a great start to your day, the perfect good morning kit for men.
    • Perfect gift – comes in a well-crafted premium gift box making it the perfect men’s shaving kit gift pack.
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  • Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Bath Tub Kit

    Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Bath Tub Kit

    • 300ml Bath & Shower Gel. Empower your body and skin with the finest shower essentials, every morning.
    • 125ml Moisturizing hand and body lotion that will alleviate the effects of unkind weather and bring out a bright and sparkling you
    • 100gm Body polish that natural exfoliating bead is smooth and gives balanced exfoliation without being harsh to the skin.
    • 100gm sugar body scrub that gives your skin gentle exfoliation, evens out skin tone and helps it become brighter and lighter
    • We love animals and so we Do Not Test our products on Animals.
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  • Charcoal Grooming Kit

    Charcoal Grooming Kit By The Man Company

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  • Forest Essentials Kit

    Forest Essentials Kit for Him, 150ml


    This facial wash is enriched with a fresh infusion of moisture rich tender coconut water. Unique light formulation provides essential nutrients to the skin, restoring its natural firmness and hydration.


    SPF 25 protects skin from harmful effects. Extracts of Tulsi and Liquorice skin and give cool soothing sensation.


    Take a few drops and massage gently on the face with fingertips on moist skin.
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  • Man Arden Complete 3 in 1 Beard Kit

    Man Arden Complete 3 in 1 Beard Kit

    • NOVA Beard Trimmer NHT 1051: An Exclusive Trimmer, Easy to select and 20 knock-in length settings from 0.4-10mm, Upto 45 min cordless usage time, 0.4 mm precision cut, Ergonomically shaped body powerful motor, Stainless steel blade, Easy to cut the hair, ON/OFF switch for easy operation, Rechargeable design with Charging indicator
    • Beard Wax – YOU WILL LOVE YOUR NEW BEARD WITH OUR WAX – Great smell, mild hold, and a whole lot of matt finish is what your beard is craving for! It’s no secret to having a great-looking beard, it’s about using the right products! Our beard wax promises to thicken hair, give a fuller beard effect, moisturize, promote healthy beard growth, and SO MUCH MORE!
    • Beard Wax – SUITABLE FOR ALL BEARD COLORS – No other brand in the world has designed a beard wax with fast melting action when the wax is rubbed between your fingers like ours! Our wax blends so well into the hair that it brings out the VIBRANCE of your beard color. Other brands sell the typical beard wax that dye, stain, and damage hair, especially on white hair! Works on all ethnicities – White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian.
    • Beard Oil- Keeps Your Beard & Mooch Skin Feeling Its Best: Our easy to use formula supports the overall health of your beard and helps keep your skin from itching too. Use it in conjunction with our Beard Wash and Beard Wax / Beard Balm for the best results.
    • Beard Oil – Man Arden Beard & Mustache Oil lightweight formula Is powerful enough to make your beard soft but never leaves a greasy residue behind.
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  • Man Arden Glittering Grooming

    Man Arden Glittering Grooming Kit For Men

    • Hair Spray – Manage your desired hairstyle throughout the day with Man Arden Hair Spray
    • Hair Spray – Gives hair the extra strong hold needed for maintaining hairstyle, taming flyways, controlling frizzes. Does not make hair stiff and sticky. Gives hair natural shine.
    • Hair Wax – ALL-DAY HOLD: This hairstyle wax is made of naturally-based blend that gives a stronghold, quick modeling makes it a perfect styling solution.
    • Hair Wax – GLOSSY FINISH: Man Arden styling wax is more moisturizing and smooth, glossy finish hairstyle makes you look good on every important occasion, perfect for any short, medium, and some longer hairstyles.
    • Hair Wax – NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Beeswax is good for nourishing hair deeply and maintain hair moisture content, making you hair smooth and glossy all-day
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  • Man Arden Skin Cleansing

    Man Arden Skin Cleansing Kit for men

    • Beard & Face Wash – Cleanses without drying out face and beard. Enriched with a natural oil for manageably soft beard and hydrated skin.
    • Beard & Face Wash – Helps restore natural pH and oil balance of the skin.
    • De-Tan face Scrub – Real Coffee Beans granules gently scrub off dead skin. Ideal for scrubbing thick male skin.
    • De-Tan face Scrub – Infused with antioxidants rich coffee bean extract that helps in diminishing the harmful effect of intense UV ray exposure.
    • Caffeine helps to stimulate microcirculation in the skin, leading to a radiant complexion.
    • Charcoal Face Mask – Easy to Use Wash Off Mask rather than Peel Off Mask.
    • An essential in every skincare regime, one you can depend on to soothe, nourish, hydrate, and deeply heal your skin whether you’re oily, dry, or somewhere in-between.
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  • Man Arden Style & Shine Grooming Kit For Men

    Man Arden Style & Shine Grooming Kit For Men

    • Coffee Face Wash – Say Yes To packing a one-two hydrating cleansing punch with aloe vera and coffee in one easy step!
    • Strong Long Lasting Hold – Man Arden Hair Fiber Wax offers a hold strong enough to keep your desired hairstyle intact so that your well-kempt appearance is preserved throughout the day.
    • Strong Hold – A novel Hair Styling Gel that keeps hair tamed and groomed with a single application for a long time. It holds the flyaway and unmanageable hair in place and smoothens frizzes. Suitable for all types of hair, the Hair Styling Gel allows you to effortlessness style your hair the way you want it for a particular occasion.
    • Peel Off Mask – Deeply cleanses, and purifies facial skin. Helps lighten and brighten the complexion.
    • Peel Off Mask – Coffee bean is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. When used topically, it helps in stimulating micro-circulation in the skin that supports faster repair and renewal of skin cells, leading to healthier, smoother, radiant skin tone.
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  • Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection

    Park Avenue Grooming Collection for men

    • The Kit addresses all your grooming needs
    • Also makes an ideal gift for all occasions
    • Add the edge to your personality
    • perfect shave, fresh look and masculine fragrances
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  • Set Wet Studio Men's Grooming Kit

    Set Wet Studio Men’s Grooming Kit

    • Studio x charcoal facewash contains activated charcoal that detoxifies your skin. It removes toxins, dirt and excess oil from your pores, making your skin look radiant and fresh for long
    • A peel-off mask contains activated charcoal that detoxifies your skin. It unclogs pores by removing blackheads, toxins, and excess oil, making your skin look radiant and fresh for long
    • Set Wet Studio X Perfume to spray for men- edge is infused with the woody base notes of cedarwood and topped up with a spicy mix of musk and amber
    • This men perfume spray has a base note of musk and cedarwood that gives you a subtle edge throughout the day and helps you hide the body odor
    • A perfect male grooming shampoo for men that makes your hair ready-to-style. This men’s shampoo conditions your hair to make it soft and smooth
    • Co-created with top Celebrity Stylist Aalim Hakim to give you expert grooming – so that you can look and feel like a celeb every day
    • Suitable for daily usage and for all skin types
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  • Ginger & Lime Grooming Kit by The Man Company

    The Man Company Ginger & Lime Grooming Kit

    • Contains a Bodywash and a Facewash. All products are free of harmful chemicals like SLS & Paraben. Contains no artificial fragrances
    • Ginger is a powerful antiseptic and cleanser combined with lime it keeps your skin smooth and blemish-free. Being a powerful antiseptic and cleansing agent, ginger helps to keep the skin clean, smooth, and free of blemishes.
    • Lemon oil deploys antiseptic effects on fresh minor infections of the skin. It is also a natural astringent. When the skin becomes oily, lemon oil provides a natural tonifier, balancing and rejuvenating the skin
    • The products are aesthetically packaged in a premium wooden box. Ideal for gifting on all occasions
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  • The Man Company Grooming Pack

    The Man Company Grooming Pack for men’s

    • Deeply nourishes skin
    • Treat dry, chapped skin with extra nourishing
    • Restore skin’s elasticity and smoothness
    • Makes skin soft and supply
    • Quantity: Charcoal face wash (100 Ml), charcoal scrub (100 Gm) & moisturizing cream (50 Gm); Package Contents: 1 Charcoal face wash, 1 charcoal scrub & 1 moisturizing cream
    • All Skin Type;Black
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  • Ustraa Men's Cleanup Kit

    Ustraa Men’s Cleanup Kit Free Keychain and Toiletry Bag

    • USTRAA Cleanup Kit packs all the essentials to get refreshed for socializing after a hard day’s work.
    • Face Wash-Neem and Charcoal Face Wash with an oil-free formulation that prevents acne and breakouts.
    • Face Scrub-Activated Charcoal Face Scrub which rids your skin free of toxins, pollution, and dirt.
    • Cologne Ammunition-Ammunition Cologne for Men with a deep and intense fragrance that lasts long into the night.
    • Free Toiletry Kit Bag & Key chain. Key chain as cool as your personality. A functional Kit Bag can carry all your toiletries. It’s strong, it’s sturdy, it’s exactly what you need.
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  • Yardley London Gentleman

    Yardley London Gentleman Range Gift Pack

    • Gentleman classic talc and elegance shaving cream will leave your skin feeling soft and fragrant all-day
    • Gentleman classic body spray leaves your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated
    • Gentleman urbane compact perfume is a fragrance for a man with vigor and flamboyance
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